Infrasol, a whole-lot-of-life infrastructure solution.

The highly skilled and knowledgeable team at Infrasol include Leigh Hopper, Evans Young and Brian Sharplin.

INFRASOL (NZ) Ltd, brings a new concept in infrastructure provision, operation, management and ownership to local authorities and government agencies. Given the impact of the high compliance standards, rapidly changing demand levels and public resistance to increased level of tradition funding, service providers are coming under pressure to find new, innovative ways to provide, renew or replace community infrastructure. Utilising the accumulated experience of its principals, Infrasol offers a full range of services covering the disciples of asset management, planning (including scoping, design and consenting), financing (including sourcing, structuring and 3rd party ownership), construction, management, operations and maintenance.


There is a continual demand for new and/or improved infrastructure. Existing infrastructure needs to be maintained, upgraded or renewed. In this modern age there is ever increasing pressure on standards imposing higher costs.

Asset review

Reviewing long-term plans identifying the need options review drivers examine alternatives consider best practice undertake NPV analysis (just-in-time, least cost) fulfill sect 32 analysis


Cost (apportionment) ownership/management/operation rates effect debt effect costs of capital matched finance (source of funding) risk analysis

Asset management planning

Whole of life management program

Build or Own, Operate and Manage

Contract Build
Project manage
In-house or external resources

Own, Operate, Manage

• Whole of life approach
• Flexible arrangements
• Performance based

a. Transparency
b. Accountability
c. Risk minimization
d. Integration/application/coordination to other services



Infrasol’s team and allied consultants have skills and experience of many years working within the public and private sectors. These are assembled into one company to deliver efficient innovative solutions.


The company brings significant experience in management of the difficult area of resource consenting. Our affiliation to a range of experts can deliver the advantages of extensive knowledge coupled with focus on efficient and timely delivery.


With the enormous increase in demand for competitive finance to fund infrastructure spending, there is constant pressure on innovation to source the lowest cost funding. Infrasol’s has the financial markets expertise to structure competitive funding solutions for our customers and through our network of banks and wholesale investors, we are in a good position to source the most competitive finance. Finance options include working capital and bridging finance, to long-term bond and structural project finance. Infrasol's approach can address the Whole of Life financing costs, impact on rates, debt ratios, inter-generational equity and risk minimisation. We standard market terms to allow for the use of spectrum of hedging tools.

* Conditions Apply: Subject to availability. Subject to approval. Credit Rating may be required. Specific lender criteria may apply. 

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